Our Inflatables

Our selection of Interactives inflatables is shown below.

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Cornhole/Bean Bag Toss

International game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. ACA Regulation size. Includes two platforms and 8 corn bags.. 4' L x 2' W x 1' H . Rental cost is $40.00.
Appropriate for all ages.

Full Court Press

Get your game on! Our Full Court Press is a basketball shootout game. Two players compete against each other to shoot their 5 basketballs (10 total) into their basket before their opponent does the same. Once the basket is made, the ball is returned on the opposing player's side. First person to sink their 5 basketballs in the hoop wins. Bounce it off the backboard or sink it with nothing but net, either way, this game is sure to score points with kids and adults. Regulation size basketballs are provided. 16' L x 15' W x 18' H . Rental cost is $250.00.
Appropriate for ages 6 thru adult.
Price includes delivery/setup/pickup.

Giant Soccer Darts

Two games in one!! A cross between a giant Velcro dart board and a soccer game. Players kick Velcro covered balls to collect points. It's darts you can play with your feet. A dart board on one side, and a baseball themed game on the other side. Includes six (6) balls. 9' L x 19' W x 16' H . Rental cost is $250.00.
Appropriate for all ages.
Price includes delivery/setup/pickup.

Oversize Joust/Boxing Arena

Duke it out in our Oversize Joust/Boxing Arena. Joust poles and oversize boxing gloves are included. An inflated pedestal protrudes from the center of the unit. Two participants stand on the pedestal and attempt to box or joust their opponent off. It has a hexagon shape. 24' L x 22' W x 9' H . Rental cost is $315.00.
Appropriate for ages 7 thru adult.
Price includes delivery/setup/pickup.